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Over the last 20 years Dr. Chelinay Gates has treated thousands of patients as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a small home run practice in Perth, Western Australia she has created a Clinic run solely on goodwill and compassion.

She has the theory that medicine should be given to those in need not just those who can afford it.

She has not charged her patients who are terminally ill, elderly or small children for their treatment and medicines and has also given the same treatment free of charge to many of her other patients too.

 In 2001 Dr. Cheli’s husband was badly burnt in a fire while in an Indigenous community in the Gibson Desert, and from that day on she has considered her practice an “opening of the compassionate heart”. 

In addition to her medical practice, she has supported many humanitarian projects in Nepal, India, Philippines, Cambodia and Australia like helping to save kids from prostitution and slavery. She has also spearheaded many Indigenous projects within Western Australia. 

Her services to the community in Australia and abroad means she hasn’t taken a wage and miraculously has managed to pay for all the medical supplies.  

 Dr. Chelinay would love to continue her practice but due to a series of unfortunate events she is no longer able to support her practice and needs to find a new home and place to run her clinic. We humbly call upon those who she has helped and those that support her ethos to help her, so that she may continue her practice and look after her family.

 Dr. Cheli would be grateful for any donation as it would be a small step in bringing free medicine to all. The way she operates her practice has no value in today's money driven society.

So lets make a change, lets show that her practice is valued by those who need it and that she is valued by our community. She has shown so many of us love but now its her time of need, its time we show our appreciation, and time to show we care.

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